Chantilly Ridge Alpacas

1975 H.L. Ainsley Drive  Port Orange, FL 32124


About Chantilly Ridge Alpacas...

At Chantilly Ridge Alpacas we are committed to giving our animals the highest quality of personal care.  We invite you to stop in for a visit. Just one look and you will fall in love!

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Why Alpacas?

Chantilly Ridge Alpacas is a 12 acre family owned and operated farm dedicated to the care and well-being of over 100 animals located in beautiful Port Orange, Florida.  


Our herd is constantly growing and improving.  We carefully plan breeding to ensure the best possible genetics for our alpacas.  We raise and breed alpacas in a variety of colors and all animals are ARI registered.


We offer alpacas and alpaca fiber products in a variety of prices and can help you put together a package in your price range.


Please email us at

[email protected]

or call 386-767-0577

for more information.

Between their irresistable faces, fluffy bodies and gentle disposition, what’s not to love about alpacas? Alpacas are members of the camel family, and closely resemble their llama cousins. However, this gentle animal's bone structure makes it useless as a pack animal.  The  value lies in its soft, luxurious fleece, used in everything from clothing to teddy bears.


Alpaca farming in the United States is still in its infancy having only been introduced into the US in 1984, but the industry is catching on like wildfire. While alpaca farming isn’t a get-rich-quick business, we believe the industry's future is stable, and the demand for alpacas is strong.


You can't help but smile when you see an alpaca!

Stop by our farm and see for yourself or feel free to call for more information.  The "Alpaca Lifestyle" may be for you!

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